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Autodesk Utilization Services

AUS Training?

Our Sales team and Technical Support staff have been Autodesk Utilization Services, AUS, certified to help companies optimize their utilization of software assets.

Autodesk Utilization Services, AUS, is a service we will provide to our clients that provides analytics and insight into how software is being used across your organization. By sharing this data clients are able to take inventory on software installations, subscriptions, and entitlements company wide.

Key Benefits for clients:

*Centralize licenses and subscriptions*

*Discover potential inefficiencies in current processes*

*Reduce likelihood of unexpected software costs *

*Gain insights into asset installations & entitlements*

*Understand how their organization is using Autodesk software*


"Clients will have clear guidance to optimize their product portfolio based on insights provided by EDSI and AUS."

-Kelly Thompson, Pennsylvania Account Manager


"This service will identify opportunities for greater efficiencies and cost savings for our clients by allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions based on their company's usage analytics" shares Ashley Wheeling, Tennessee Account Manager, after the training sessions.


"Simply put, it takes the guesswork out of software asset management."

-Jason Barnes, Account Manager


To learn more about Autodesk Utilization Services, AUS, call your EDSI rep today or contact us!

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