Data Management

Our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of any design or manufacturing organization. It is critical that we put in place systems that ensure its integrity and security. As our markets and companies evolve, how we disseminate our information internally and collaborate with our immediate team, partners, and clients is critical to success. As the traditional silos of information are torn down, we must have a progressive strategy to leverage technologies to compete successfully.


It is imperative we not only open our doors to partners and clients and share information, but also make sure we share the right information

Data Management Services

EDSI has been assisting clients with developing systems and processes to manage and disseminate data for 30 years.   Today’s tools and systems are more sophisticated and less expensive to implement than they have ever been. The team at EDSI has a proven track record in the industry as a leader in Data Management.  We have been involved in over 100 successful implementations that range from small design teams to Fortune 100 global partners.

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Being in the dark about what is going on doesn’t fly in the information age.

Planning and Implementation Services

When it comes to data management, we know the questions to ask. Our focus starts with goals and objectives. But to get there, we need to fully evaluate your workflows, systems, infrastructure, and data. Our discovery process will help us to collectively put a plan in place to deliver results.

What We Offer


Discovery, planning, & evaluation of data and infrastructure


Installation and configuration services (server and users)


Definition and configuration of security to ensure data integrity


Data importing and migration assistance


Release management strategies


Engineering change orders


Integration with MRP/ERP systems


Develop Backup Strategies

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Preparing your team to operate efficiently with your data management solutions means focusing on job function and workflows. A well-designed system provides the information needed by each department and individual to properly leverage the data. We also prepare your system administrators to maintain and manage your solution to ensure access is audited and data is protected and secure.

What We Offer




System Modifications


Verifying Backups


Targeted Searches


Adding Users

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Data Management Hosting as a Service

We have come to realize in our lives and businesses that it doesn’t always make sense to do everything in-house. As the availability of high-speed internet access and remote tools increases, more and more organizations are opting to have data hosted and managed off-site. The advantages include savings on systems and IT personnel, along with remote access from any location. At EDSI, we have invested in the servers and storage and have the personnel on site to both host and manage your data.


It just didn’t make sense for our company to invest in the systems and people to implement and manage this in-house.

We have hosting and data management contracts that include:

Setup & Configuration

Uploading & Data Access

Users and Permissions Setup and Management

Updates, Patches, & Upgrades

Daily Data Backups

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For less than the salary of one person, we never have to think about our data management implementation.  It just works!

Data Importation

Data has not always been digital,  3D, or in a format that it is in use today. However, determining the data that an organization wants to manage and getting that data into a system can be one of the most challenging aspects of any implementation. EDSI can meet with your team to develop a strategy or plan to address your needs for bringing data into your data management system. Effective strategies range from programmatically importing data to developing rules and workflows for importing data on an as-needed basis.

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The value of a data management system is directly proportionate to the amount of good data that is available.


It is imperative companies get more control over their designs with revision management capabilities

Data Management Products

Vault Professional

Vault data management software is the solution for permissions, document lifecycles, ECO’s, and release management, helping design and engineering teams control project-related design data, minimize costly mistakes, and more efficiently revise and release designs.

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