GIS Services

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are a great platform to bring together data from different systems and sources to allow users to better understand, analyze, and interpret geospatial data. EDSI has been involved with a number of highly successful GIS implementations based on the Autodesk MapGuide platform. These implementations include traditional parcel data systems for county governments and campus-wide information systems to manage networks and infrastructure.

Planning and Implementation Services

The nature of GIS is they are living, evolving systems that grow and increase in value and usability over time. EDSI will work with your team to ensure the foundation and structure of your GIS is well designed and aligned with your vision. EDSI utilizes industry standard tools and processes to allow the highest level of flexibility with data types and sources.

What We Offer


Develop a vision for system capabilities


Make recommendations on platforms and technologies for greatest functionality and flexibility


Determine Database Structure


Customize your database for an optimized user experience


Design query and display settings for accelerated user navigation

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Instruction on a GIS System tends to focus on the administration and maintenance of a system to ensure the continued growth and access of data. We partner with your team to develop workflows to ensure data is current and maintained to system specifications. EDSI will develop instruction specific to your system to ensure your  team understands how this system can grow in both value and functionality and can be maintained to ensure data integrity.

What We Offer


Focused training for administrator maintenance for each tool


Database backup and restore exercises to ensure long-term security


Troubleshooting training to keep you up and running

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GIS Hosting as a Service

We have come to realize in our lives and businesses that it doesn’t always make sense to do everything in-house. As the availability of high-speed internet access and remote tools increases more and more organizations are opting to have data hosted and managed off-site. The advantages include savings on systems and IT personnel, along with remote access from any location. At EDSI, we have invested in the servers and storage and have the personnel on-site to both host and manage your data.

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Data Collection, Importation, & Site Development

EDSI can meet with your team to develop a strategy to address your needs for bringing data into GIS. Our GIS application engineers are highly experienced at converting your existing data to robust spatial data. We work with your staff to convert paper drawings and data sources to accurate digital data. We can also assist with converting your existing CAD and other formats to accurate, geo-referenced GIS database layers. EDSI can build your spatial source data through digitizing, scanning, and file conversion. We also use proven geo-referencing and interpolation techniques to assure the best possible fit for your data. Quality control is of utmost importance, and EDSI staff members perform quality assurance monitoring and checking on all data collection.

Using Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server or MapGuide Open Source, EDSI can theme and format your data to provide a first-class experience for users of your GIS site. MapGuide is a stable, mature platform for publishing spatial data to the web. Our software development and web skills allow us to develop custom searches and reports to meet your specific needs. Once your site is completed, EDSI can host it for you on our secure enterprise-class servers, or assist with configuring the site on your own in-house server. Data maintenance can be performed by EDSI engineers, by your in-house staff, or in combination. The choice is yours. EDSI has the skills, the experience and the tools to bring your site to completion accurately, on-time and cost effectively.

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GIS Products

AutoCAD Map 3D

Model-based GIS and mapping software.Use AutoCAD® Map 3D software to get broad access to CAD and GIS data to support planning, design, and data management. Intelligent models and CAD tools help you to apply regional and discipline-specific standards. Integration of GIS data helps to improve quality, productivity, and asset management.

Infrastructure Map Server

With Infrastructure Map Server software you can more quickly publish and share CAD, GIS map, and asset information with web-based GIS mapping software. Access, visualize, and coordinate enterprise data with workers in the field, operations and customer service personnel, and the public with web-based mapping dashboards and reports.

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