What is BIM 360 Design?

BIM 360 Design

Collaboration for Revit is now BIM 360 Design

Самое настоящее народное камшот в рот видео, которые снимают супруги у себя дома поздно вечером, когда приходят после работы, ужинают и идут в кровать, чтобы снять стресс, который BIM 360 Design is the newest generation of Autodesk’s work-sharing and collaboration software.  Within BIM 360 Design, you'll see it has a variety of eye catching features. Design teams - not just individual members - can use these daily or at project milestones to allow for all project data to be in one central location.

Features of this newest collaboration software, which have no user restrictions or storage limits:

BIM 360 Design offers a “Single Project Repository.” This means design teams have an unlimited amount of storage, support of a variety of files types, and an activity log. File types supported include, but are not limited to, [.rvt/.dwg/.nwc/.3ds/.obj/.sat].  In addition to this central storage location, there are a variety of access control levels that can be assigned to users.  Within the five permission levels, BIM 360 Design allows account admins to assign project and/or folder access rights based upon members’ roles, companies or end user status.  With a variety of levels, there should be an option for every user.

Along with the above features BIM 360 Design also has:

  1. improved navigation
  2. enhanced the of visualization of elements
  3. upgraded viewing
  4. added an impressive design collaboration module

One of the major enhancements we see in BIM 360 Design is the Design Collaboration workflow.

BIM 360 Design now has a dedicated module (online site) for collaboration in addition to the Document Management module.  Within the Design Collaboration module, teams have complete control over:

  • how users are able to access and share the information
  • other disciplines visualizing their work
  • the ability to publish milestone packages separately from work-in-progress files


One of the hiccups our support staff is seeing is the module not being properly activated. This issue happens most often when switching from Collaboration 4 Revit (C4R).  However, we can walk you through a simple workflow to have the Design Collaboration module available to you.  We believe once your BIM 360 Design site is set up it will prove to be quite useful for companies wanting to move forward with cloud hosting and sharing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance whatsoever.


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