Building Construction of the Future (& Today!)

Building construction, and design technology is changing at an incredible rate!

Companies taking advantage of construction industry changes and technology advances, open the doors to a vast amount of new opportunities for new ways to design and build. Computing power in the cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, connectivity, and the internet of things are just some of the more recent advances that will change the construction industry as a whole.

Designers will create projects to be connected through internal systems for monitoring and operation. Notifications will alert those responsible for upkeep and repairs, and can provide data on areas of improvement and optimization. Further, the connectivity between the office and the construction site will be seamless and will save time and money for all parties.  Stakeholders involved will appreciate that timelines can be more accurate, communication and collaboration can be more readily available, and as technology and workflows advance, it will change how projects are designed, developed, and built.

“By adapting the new technologies, we will not only make the industry better, but deliver a better built environment.” – Dominic Thasarathar (industry thought leader in construction, energy, and natural resources).

Maintain projects with connected devices

Connectivity during construction to see design intent

Teams with the ability to adapt and leverage these technologies will be the equalizer. Larger, resource-abundant companies and smaller, tech-savvy companies will be on a more level playing field.

Autodesk is leading the way in providing software to be used in these cutting-edge technologies. By being involved in many industries from construction to manufacturing, they have a higher vantage point that many. Check out this article Technology is rebuilding the foundations of construction.


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