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EDSI is an industry leading provider of CAD and BIM services to design and construction professionals, offering both Autodesk and Bluebeam products to make up a comprehensive application portfolio of the best solutions available.

At EDSI, we believe in solutions that make you successful. That’s why when we provide services and software to our clients, we pair them with the best tools to ensure their success. Collaboration is imperative to fully realize the business value of BIM.  Information must be managed, shared, coordinated and disseminated in a calculated and organized manner.  Our real world experience can help you develop a strategic approach that positions your organization as a leader in this rapidly changing marketplace. The team at EDSI understands that BIM is a process that must be adopted and adapted to fit each organization’s goals and objectives.  We seek first to understand your people, processes, workflows and projects; then our professionals will work with your team to develop a plan for success.

From one of our Experts

 The adoption of a new design tool is easy, the challenge is changing how we work, communicate, and share information to improve the processes


It all starts here. This is where we take a deep dive into where you are and where you want to be. Discovery and planning are critical to developing an approach for the adoption of new technologies.

What We Do

  • Perform discovery sessions to understand your systems, people, and processes
  • Install and configure software for reliable and optimum performance
  • Recommend data storage and collaboration strategies to enable data sharing and integrity
  • Develop custom templates for consistency and efficiency


When it comes to successful instruction there is no “one size fits all” solution. People, organizations, user experience level, and learning abilities are all unique. Our approach at EDSI, is to put together a plan to ensure your team has the knowledge to accomplish what is expected from them. Well executed instruction is one of the most vital components to ensuring a company’s investment in technology pays dividends.

What We Offer

  • Courses and training tailored to your goals and objectives
  • An extensive on-line learning portfolio in CADLearning
  • EDSI standard courses at one of our multiple learning centers
  • Instructor-led web based instruction to address specific topics
  • On-site customer focused instruction for groups and individuals

Project Assistance

Once your applications are running, and your staff is trained, often times you may need a bit of project assistance to jump start your initial project. This is where the industry experience of EDSI professionals can make the difference. We have the resources and expertise to work on projects, provide specialized mentoring or develop software to automate processes to ensure you meet your goals and objectives.

What We Offer

  • Decades of industry experience working in conjunction with your team
  • Setup of new projects and mentoring on design modeling
  • Assistance in actual creation of building models and design content
  • BIM Coordination Services to get your projects completed faster

From one of our Experts

“The real value of BIM comes from innovative organizations that share data and enhance process to achieve better results for their clients. These organizations will mold the future of the Building industry”

Building Products

AEC Collection

With the AEC Collection you have one set of BIM tools for building design, construction, and infrastructure. The collection provides you with a robust set of software that allows you to innovate faster, and more efficiently with a full suite of purpose-built tools.


Revit is purpose built for BIM, to help professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality buildings. Revit is the comprehensive solution that includes everything for architectural, MEP, and structural project teams to plan, construct and manage buildings and their infrastructure.


Navisworks is a feature rich BIM project review toolset for the power user to help perform advanced clash detection, quantification, 4D/5D analysis, and construction simulation. Bring project reviews to life with holistic reviews of integrated models and data with all stakeholders, to better control your outcomes.

Collaboration For Revit

Collaboration for Revit is a cloud service that connects project teams so that they can work better together on shared building information models. Leveraging the cloud technology of allows for various teams, firms and locations to have centralized access to Revit models.


Import, view, and convert real-world objects into point clouds for conceptual modeling. Work collaboratively to measure, tag, and annotate the model with project stakeholders. ReCap does the heavy lifting for you. Your laser scans and photos are registered automatically, creating an accurate 3D model in just a few minutes. With less manual processing, you'll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business.

AutoCAD Architecture

Stay at the forefront of design with the most popular design software in the industry: AutoCAD Architect. Easily share precise drawings, and work across connected desktop and mobile solutions with the reliability of TrustedDWG technology.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu is an award winning PDF markup, editing and collaboration tool, designed to streamline your company’s needs. With integrated AutoDesk features, Bluebeam Revu is the single best tool for digitally sharing full-size drawings.

From one of our Experts

We leverage the expertise of EDSI on a consistent basis to win more work and deliver projects on time”

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