Event Recap: AEC Collections – Infrastructure Demo, Pittsburgh

We had an outstanding time in Pittsburgh at the Autodesk offices on Thursday! Thank you to everyone who attended and we are looking forward to bringing you more events like this in the future. Let us know your feedback!   Our Top 3 Takeaways: Be more efficient.  Use drone technology to quickly present a reasonably-accurate lay of the land during …

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(Re)Building American Design, Manufacturing, & Infrastructure

American design lessons from our forefathers – “Striving for more equality, pushing boundaries, and creating constant mechanisms for improvement: whether in the field of politics or products, excellence has certain traits in common.” This July 4, 2017 rang in the United States’ 241st anniversary of independence.  In terms of designers, architects, engineers, and manufacturers, here are a few areas American …

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Building Construction of the Future (& Today!)

Building construction, and design technology is changing at an incredible rate! Companies taking advantage of construction industry changes and technology advances, open the doors to a vast amount of new opportunities for new ways to design and build. Computing power in the cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, connectivity, and the internet of things are just …

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