Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability is an EDSI provided benefit available to full-time employees. An eligible employee may be granted up to 12 weeks of approved Short Term Disability. In addition, there is a week long waiting period (including weekends) where FMLA/Medical leave or PTO will need to be used until approved disability begins.

For Employees that have been employed for 12 full months, FMLA will run concurrent to Short Term Disability.

PTO does not accrue when on disability.

To submit your claim follow the steps below: 

1) Click here to access the instructional guide from CIGNA with detailed steps to submit for Short Term Disability. Employees will be questioned by a CIGNA representative and will need to give permission for CIGNA to contact their physician for additional information.

2) Fill out the form below to alert HR of your short term disability claim.

Please complete this form to request a Leave of Absence. Please fill out completely in advance of the leave, where possible. Check the Employee Handbook for any applicable deadlines and more details on the process.