Future of Design & Construction: 3D Printing

3D printing is becoming more available and, as the technology transforms, opens the doors for application to other industries such as medicine and construction. Dubai is a place where 3D printing is being pushed and led by the government through regulations and forward-thinking strives. “The Dubai government launched its 3D printing strategy in April last year, with the aim of helping the emirate achieve its ambitious goal of becoming the world’s 3D printing hub by 2030” (Gulf Business).

As 3D printing and other technologies become more established and fluid, the design and collaboration will become even more key. The standards of efficiency and reduction of the amount of re-work would be ideally done before any 3D printing begins.

Our BIM Coordinator, Douglas Braye, has gained much experience in helping organizations move closer to this standard of coordinated efforts.  BIM and new technologies are not just new ways to do something, they also elicit an entirely new way of thinking. Lighter, faster, more precise, additional options and customization are just a few of the valuable strengths of these new technologies and processes.

See more here on the efforts in Dubai, and other cities around the world in relation to 3D printing and these new ways of thinking. 


What do you feel are the biggest strengths of 3D printing? And the biggest concerns?

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