Getting Started with FormIt

In EDSI's first webcast of 2018 Mariah & Douglas introduced FormIt and some best practices to help you get started.

The recording to the session can be found here but for a quick synopsis keep reading and remember to register for next months part two "FormIt to Revit Workflow Walk-thru".  You won't want to miss Part 2 because we will be walking you through how to bring your concept model into Revit and sharing information you might not have thought of.


FormIt has 2 versions: Free or Pro (paid).  The Pro version can be used on two platforms [Web or Windows Desktop app] while the Free version can only be used in the Web; make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as that is what FormIt likes best.  Additionally, FormIt Pro is only available in the AEC Collection.


Best Practices for Modeling

FormIt is a watertight solid mass modeling programs and it is essential to use groups, layers, and categories as much as a user possibly can.  Using these techniques allows for much easier model manipulation and makes the transition to Revit much more seamless.  In addition to using groups/layers/categories, FormIt users can create and reuse their own content libraries such as, furniture, site work and entourage, as many times as they would like.  FormIt Pro users can do this and have the use of reusable material libraries.  Unfortunately, a down side to the Free version of FormIt is that you are always recreating your materials.

FormIt is wonderful for contextual type of models.  The location feature in FormIt allows for proper orientation on the site while considering sun & shadows.  Additionally, it is quite simple to a multitude of contextual information in very little time.


Our EDSI Tech team is ready to help out with any of your FormIt questions and here to help you get started in the program.  Remember FormIt is part of the bigger picture of BIM and can aid your company in multiple ways.

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