(Re)Building American Design, Manufacturing, & Infrastructure

American design lessons from our forefathers – “Striving for more equality, pushing boundaries, and creating constant mechanisms for improvement: whether in the field of politics or products, excellence has certain traits in common.”

This July 4, 2017 rang in the United States’ 241st anniversary of independence.  In terms of designers, architects, engineers, and manufacturers, here are a few areas American design has impacted our great country and the world.

Through redesigning and always pushing the boundaries, the voting system in the U.S. has been working towards improvement and allowing further flexibility and inclusive measures such as audio-guided voting for hearing-impaired voters, a tactile controller for blind voters, and more user-friendly systems for all.

Designers have used modern repair and structural strengthening techniques to rebuild and restore some of the most precious buildings in the U.S. The restoration projects on the Capitol building have been an important renewing of a symbol that represents America and our heritage.

Designers and workers are always developing better infrastructure for the future. The Panama Canal Expansion project and upgrading New Orleans and other trade cities, are just a couple ways that trade routes have been improved over time and bring our country, and the world we’re a part of, closer together.

Organizations like the Air Force have begun using 3D modeling techniques to digitize accident sites using point-cloud data and ReCap. Leveraging these technologies will allow for better search & rescue, future preventative data, and reducing search and clean-up crews’ exposure to hazardous materials or potential danger.

Reclaiming American Manufacturing – By solving bigger problems, creating better products, and thriving with Automation, America can rebuild the manufacturing workforce and production.  Titan Gilroy believes there is a willing workforce – all that is missing is the training. He’s fixing that too by building the “Titans of CNC: Academy.”

Seeing these impacts, projects, and innovations of pushing the boundaries are always inspiration to reflect, step out, and move forward with that American grit.


Inspired by: https://redshift.autodesk.com/celebrating

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