Focus on Adaption

Our world is changing faster than ever. Some companies are achieving unprecedented success, and others are stagnant. The common thread of the former is adaptation: to the market, to the economy, but mainly to technology. Technology is bleeding into every corner of our lives and businesses. Any missed opportunity to leverage the latest technology is how your competition can achieve an edge over you. Adapting and embracing these technologies keeps us relevant and at the forefront of our competitive advantage.

EDSI doesn’t sell software. We sell adaptation; tools that ensure you set the pace, keep an edge over your competitors, and satisfy your clients better today and tomorrow – with the best technology.

Focus on How

Redirecting our focus on servicing your organization is complex. We took over a year to implement this shift so that we are better able to provide you with the best solutions. Here are a few ways we are adapting to help you:


Customer Relationship Services

No service tickets, no automated prompts. Your time is money, so when you call us, we answer, and get right on whatever you need.


Data Automation

We’ve restructured all of our client data so that we have a better, real-time view of your assets and needs than ever before. This investment will enhance our ability to give you the best recommendations for your specific set of needs.


Customer Success Manager

Exceptional customer service is not a singular moment. It’s a process. To ensure we are providing you with fantastic service, we’ve hired a manager whose entire job is to ensure you get what you need.


Autodesk Done Well

Software solutions are becoming increasingly specialized and complex. Navigating the licensing, implementation, and updates is a challenge. We interpret and track the complicated, so you don’t have to.


Leverage Your Tools:

The best tool is the one you know how to use. We empower you with training done by webcast, on and off-site, and with online partners, to get every ounce of value from your investments in the right tools.

Focus on You

Our goal is to present you with solutions. That might be software. It might be help with an implementation. Perhaps you need training for your team. Or a BIM manager. Maybe it would help you if we did the modeling on a project. Whatever your current need is, we want to provide you with the solution. EDSI ensures your success by meeting your needs. We strive then to fully understand your business, so that we can know what those needs are and meet them. We’ve aligned our metrics of success directly to yours, and our team works for you tirelessly until you are completely satisfied.

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At Engineering Design Systems, we work however you need us today, so that you are better tomorrow.

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