Employment Assistance

Jobs, internships, and training opportunities are waiting for you!

WIOA Youth programs are operated on a year-round basis. We have many opportunities to help you prepare for, and transition to post-secondary education, training, and entering the workforce. Available services include:

  • Jobs and Internships
    • Access to Job Fairs & Recruitment Opportunities
    • Part-Time & Full-Time Jobs
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Resume Assistance
    • High School & College Internships
  • Training and Certificates
    • Vocational Training Programs
    • Assistance with Obtaining High School Diploma/GED
    • Financial Literacy Training
    • Blueprint For Workplace Success Certified
    • Resume Assistance
  • Counseling
    • Career & College Advice
    • Tutoring
    • FAFSA (Federal Student Aid)

A career advisor will help match your skills and qualifications to your career path of interest. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form below to see if you are eligible!

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