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At EDSI we’ve always put people first. Along with the big industry changes, we have made many changes as a company over the past 30 years. To better reflect these changes and improvements, we decided to rebrand. As we step further into this whirlwind of technology, we took some time to reflect on our values as a company and what we bring to the table for our clients and partners.

As part of this rebranding that includes simple things like a new logo, we’ve added new programs such as the EDSI Advantage, which includes free Level-I phone support and many other benefits, that we feel best reflects who and what we are to our customers. These programs and initiatives will allow us to keep our clients in the forefront of all of our plans. EDSI is excited to bring you the best application engineers and resources, a phenomenal fulfillment team, and exceptional consultation to provide you with the information to thrive. As our CEO, Kevin Meredith always reminds us, “Our clients’ success is our success!”

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