Danielle Ellis - Regional Director of Operations

Danielle Ellis has worked for EDSI since 2012 and is currently serving as Regional Director of Operations. In this role, Danielle is responsible for leading staff to deliver quality business services, while overseeing attainment of performance measures and monitoring state and city compliance guidelines.

Previously, Danielle was the Site Director for the Career Compass Center in New York City, where she was responsible for overseeing Center operations and working closely with the Human Resources Administration (HRA) to ensure achievement of performance goals and program outcomes. She has also provided support to a variety of EDSI projects, including contract start-up and training, and proposal writing. In addition, she is a Certified ISO Auditor for EDSI’s ISO team to ensure her programs comply with ISO 9001 standards.

Danielle studied Communications at Purdue University Global and is a Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Scrum Master. She also specializes in relationship management ad has developed several key partnerships and special initiatives for our programs in New York City and Tennessee.