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Fostering thriving futures for young individuals entering the workforce is something EDSI has rich experience, proven expertise, and unwavering commitment to. We operate numerous programs for opportunity youth in multiple states, and our WIOA Out-of-School Youth (OSY) and WIOA In-School Youth (ISY) Programs address required WIOA Youth Elements, providing supportive services, connections to GED programs, soft skills training, career pathway exploration, work experience, and placement into unsubsidized employment.

Helping Today’s Youth

With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities young individuals face as they enter the job market, EDSI is dedicated to equipping youth with the skills and resources needed for success, with a heavy emphasis on:

  • Career exploration and counseling
  • Skills development workshops
  • Job readiness training
  • Assistance in securing job placements and internships

By partnering with the K-12 school system, local colleges, employers, community-based organizations, vocational rehabilitation, and career centers, we are able to provide the resources, knowledge, career awareness and workplace readiness skills youth need to enter high-priority career pathways as defined by the local region’s Workforce Development Board and local employers.

Each youth program is developed with a human-centered design and customized for each local area.

Examples of Innovative and Effective Youth Programs

  • Courses2Careerspost-college careers program matches recent college graduates with quality job opportunities through a combination of job-readiness workshops and paid work experiences.
  • Pre-ETS – provides intensive services to youth in the Vocational Rehabilitation program. Provides individualized services in self-advocacy, job exploration, work-based learning, post-secondary education, and workplace readiness.
  • Next Gen – prioritizes opportunity youth with no ties to an education program and who are not actively seeking work with networking-focused employment opportunities.
  • YouthNOW – paid work experience that prepares eligible youth for unsubsidized employment opportunities, placement into post-secondary education and training, and connections to employers for work in priority industries.
  • Summer Youth Opportunities – virtual or in-person format held in partnership with cities across the U.S. to provide local youth the opportunity to participate in meaningful work experiences.
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Programs – paid work experience offering a combination of classroom curriculum, hands-on projects, career pathways exploration, employability skills, counseling, mentorship, credentialing, and application assistance into a Registered Apprentice Program (RAP).

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