Local and Regional Workforce Studies

For more than 40 years, we have been worked with private, public, and quasi-government entities to build better workforces. We will bring this perspective and expertise to our partnership as we study your regional and local workforce ecosystem. We look forward to bringing insights to your team to help you make important and impactful decisions.

When we are commissioned by a local workforce board, an economic development agency, a chamber of commerce, or a state, it is because there is a problem they need help solving. These questions often guide our efforts: “what are the growing industries?” and “where should we focus our workforce efforts?”

We conduct deep research and use our far-reaching knowledge, resources, databases, and national workforce partnerships to pull together the information needed to provide industry-specific, state-specific, or workforce-specific insights and conclusions, factoring in local and national government policy. In the end, you receive a comprehensive study and a list of recommendations.

We look forward to putting our unique experience and perspectives to work while partnering with you to develop and implement regional and state-wide strategies.

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