Strategic Workforce Modeling and Planning

EDSI's Strategic Workforce Modeling and Planning services help businesses determine organizational needs in terms of the size, type, experience, quality, skills and knowledge of its workforce.

This information is critical in order to achieve primary business goals. Strategic Workforce Planning helps maintain a focus on longer-term workforce development and business goals.

Strategic Workforce Planning ensures that you’ll have the resources you need to not only meet your goals and maintain growth, but also weather economic downturns or unforeseen disruptions in production. It requires knowing where you’re coming from and where you want to be, and how to analyze the distance between those two points.

“Talent is a huge part of SWP, like identifying, hiring, training and retaining talented individuals. SWP joins all the pieces of the talent puzzle and gets everyone working together toward a common goal. The result, among other things, is having the talent you need, when you need it, to meet your strategic and financial goals.”

-Jim Bitterle, Managing Partner, EDSI Consulting, excerpted from his book: Unquittable: Finding and Keeping Great Talent

By partnering with business leaders, analyzing workforce data, and implementing strategic workforce planning techniques, we are able to:

  • Project future workforce needs
  • Identify ideal upskilling strategies
  • Develop targeted retention plans
  • Align hiring goals with long-term needs
  • Train and develop teams and individuals
  • Build a company culture that is embodied by individuals and flows among teams
  • Build productive, high-performing teams

A recent study* on strategic workforce planning and analytics showed 61% of respondents said they do not look beyond the 1-3 year time horizon for workforce planning.

Without proactive and productive strategic workforce planning – including a digital business strategy – companies will likely struggle to achieve a complete vision of their overall business objectives. That vision needs to focus on training and personnel strategies as a foundation to support organizational productivity.


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