Internships at EDSI

EDSI's internship program is designed to give college students experience in the workforce development industry while directly contributing to EDSI's success. Our interns will make a significant impact on our programs as they enhance their core skills. We look to local universities and colleges for students who are passionate about helping others and making a difference in their communities.

What is it like to intern at EDSI?

What was one of your favorite aspects of your internship at EDSI?
What did you learn during your EDSI internship that school couldn’t teach you?
Meet EDSI Philadelphia Interns - Austin and Nick

Benefits of an Internship at EDSI

  • Real experience – Each intern will gain valuable industry/program specific experience to take back to their professors and classes
  • Flexible schedule – EDSI will work around your class schedule to develop hours that are suitable for you
  • Mentorship - Each intern is paired with a mentor to establish short-term and long-term goals to ensure they are getting the most out of the internship
  • Connect and Network – Connect with other interns throughout EDSI to share experiences, ideas and so much more!

Help make a positive impact on people’s lives by joining the EDSI Team! For more information about internships with EDSI, please email us at or visit EDSI’s social media internship pages:

View Current Internship Openings

To see if we’re hiring interns at one of our offices where we run programs, click here to view our current openings.

Please reach out to for more information about these exciting opportunities. If possible, please attach a resume.

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