Workforce Development Program Solutions

EDSI is at the forefront of aligning service integration and building partnerships with states, workforce boards, community-based organizations, businesses, educational providers, economic development organizations and second chance programs, as well as industry partnerships. We are proud to celebrate over 40 years of success in providing workforce development program solutions, and we remain dedicated to staying current and innovative in our programs, which leads to successful jobseeker and employer outcomes.

EDSI operates over 120 contracts across the country – check out our locations page to learn more! Primary funding sources for our programs include: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and grant funding.

With any awarded contract, whether rural or urban, gaining a solid understanding of the policies and guidelines that govern program services is key to our history of delivering exceptional services and meeting performance goals. We work collaboratively with funders to understand and assess current needs and design and implement strategies that will provide the greatest impact on the overall performance of the program and region. EDSI has assisted over 750,000 hard-to-serve participants based on our unique human-centered approach, strong outreach, exceptional linkages to community partners, and a commitment to work-based learning. EDSI is skilled in developing, maintaining, and facilitating services to align common goals and visions of the community and has always been an innovator that seeks to identify new and highly effective approaches in workforce development and optimization.

EDSI provides the benefit of our national experience with the personalized attention of a local partner. Through our strong culture, approach to recruiting and professional development, we achieve high performance, while creating an environment that is welcoming and energizing to our team as well as to all the customers we serve. This is supported by our belief in accountability, philosophy of servant leadership and commitment to continuous improvement.

Client Success Spotlights

Christopher's Journey

"For the first time in a long time, I feel that I am doing what I want to do. I made mistakes, but I am glad the Armored Group gave me another chance to prove myself."

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Shawanae's Journey

"It was obvious to me that Shawnae was meant to work as an organizer. She is passionate about serving others and wanted to shape her career path around that passion.”

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Lori's Journey

“I believe that life gives you obstacles every day, and what you do with those obstacles shows how you will handle life."

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Jauwan's Journey

JauWan and his mother met with the Youth Team to complete the enrollment process, and JauWan began the training with UAW-Ford the next day. Despite being the youngest participant in the group, he did very well, helping others and earning accolades from the staff.

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Populations Served

  • Employers
  • Adults
  • Dislocated Workers
  • Youth
  • Veterans
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Reentry Populations
  • Noncustodial Parents
  • Substance Users
  • Foreign-Born Citizens
  • Other Economically Disadvantaged Populations

Government Entities Served

  • Workforce Development Boards
  • Departments of Welfare
  • Departments of Human Services
  • Court Systems
  • Departments of Labor
  • Departments of Education
  • Economic Development Councils
  • Offices of the Attorney General
  • And More!

EDSI in Action

Delaware County Multi-Gen Program
EDSI - Celebrating 40 Years
EDSI's COVID-19 Response

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