Cultural Analysis, Design and Transformation

Today’s war for talent requires companies to have attractive, engaging cultures. Our team will help you assess your existing culture, then design an aspirational culture.

Once the aspirational culture is designed, we work with you to build and implement a wholistic implementation plan.

Changing an organization’s culture takes time. Our professionals will work with you, step by step, to implement your plan and track your improvements. We’ll assist or lead for as long as it takes to realize meaningful cultural change.

What is the Benefit of a Positive Culture?

Culture sets the context for everything a company does and has an incredibly strong ability to improve talent attraction, employee engagement and retention. Did you know making an investment in company culture can increase employee engagement by 30%? More than anything, a strong culture is a result of well-defined core values and priorities that align with organizational vision and goals.

How Do I Start to Build a Stronger Culture?

The very first step to building a better, stronger culture starts with defining your aspirational culture, then recruiting workers who fit your organization’s vision. Once hired, consistently provide them with the trust and tools needed to be a fulfilled, happy and productive team member. Ultimately, this leads to high retention of valued employees.

What happens when culture isn’t strong or positive?

When culture isn’t good, the most obvious signs are high turnover and unhappy employees.

Transformations are usually needed in the following situations:

  • The culture is negative and results in a poor ability to attract and retain talent
  • A merger of two different entities has occurred and unification is required
  • The competitive space has changed and different behaviors are necessary
  • The organization has grown substantially and the culture has become obsolete or counterproductive
  • Significant technological change has been introduced into the organization
  • New leadership has joined the organization

U.S. News and World Report states one of the chief reasons employees are unhappy in their jobs is a poor company culture. Don’t despair if your culture isn’t stellar – there are ways you can turn it around! Improving culture isn’t an overnight task, but with commitment and consistency, you can make great strides and it starts with creating or reassessing your core values.

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