Apprenticeship Programs

An Apprenticeship program is a 1-6 year instructional program designed to develop highly-skilled employees. Drawing on over 40 years of experience in curriculum design and customized training, EDSI partners with companies to develop apprenticeship program solutions to meet each employer’s unique needs and situation.

Apprenticeship programs consist of a combination of on-the-job training and academic instruction. As an organization builds its own apprenticeship program, EDSI is able to provide technical expertise and turnkey development, administration and management services. We also work with companies and educators to validate existing curriculum and develop new curriculum in order to meet the requirements of the program and national training standards.

EDSI builds successful apprenticeship programs, both registered and non-registered, through a process of job task analysis, curriculum development and on-the-job training checklists. We also build the infrastructure for managing your apprenticeship program, including best practices for labor-management committees.

Our proven process, powered by our Skilldex system, minimizes the time and cost needed to identify and bridge skill and knowledge gaps within an organization.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Long-Term, Sustainable Workforce
  • Effectively Trained and Highly Skilled Employees
  • Collective Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Decreased Safety Incidents
  • Improved Talent Attraction and Retention

  • Enhanced Employee Career Paths
  • Decreased Production Downtime
  • Decreased Overtime of Long-Term Employees
  • Employee Mentorship and Development
  • Business Risk Reduction and Disruption

We Will Be With You, Every Step of the Way!

From registering your apprenticeship program and creating OJT and classroom training, to prepping your current employees and onboarding your new apprentices, we are by your side. We will help you track and report the success of the program to ensure all necessary standards are met. The ROI from your apprenticeship programs will help ensure the future success of your organization.

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