Why You Need the AcuMax Assessment Tool to Hire and Retain Top Talent

Amy Correia - Project Coordinator ·

Finding an employee who’s the “best fit for a position” isn’t always the biggest challenge when it comes to hiring. Talent professionals across the board agree that finding the “right fit” for not only the position, but the team and company, is much harder. If you’re involved in the hiring process or part of a talent team, and haven’t heard about AcuMax Index (AI), you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to save time, money and resources in the quest to find, develop and keep rock star job candidates.

Let’s talk more specifically about AI, its functions, and how it differs from your typical personality test. AcuMax Index is not personality-based; it digs much deeper and doesn’t change over time. The assessment takes into account the fact that people are naturally wired from birth (nature), whereas behavior is a function of both nature and nurture, which is what most personality tests are based on.

The AI employee assessment includes a series of questions that measure a person’s hard-wiring in the following four areas:

4 Areas Acumax Index Measures

After you take the assessment and a report is generated, you will understand how to see past external behavior illusions and know how your employees:

  • Accept ideas (some people like their ideas the best, others always seek out the ideas of others)
  • Deal with pressure (pressure speeds up some people, slows others down)
  • Make decisions (some people need lots of information, others just want a basic high level view)
  • Deal with risk (some require clear and objective proof, others are comfortable with gut feel)

Let’s take a look at a possible employment scenario to illustrate how this unique employee assessment can be used in a real-life hiring situation …

Say you’re an HR Director challenged with hiring someone for a mid-level management position. AcuMax can help identify not only the right person, but a highly motivated person … and even more specifically, match the “right person to the right position.” While studying a candidate’s assessment profile, look at your own team’s profiles to further assess fit. (Most companies keep them on file to access as needed.) It makes the best sense to look at the position and the team overall to ensure compatibility in working styles, and confirm whether your company’s atmosphere is one in which the candidate can thrive.

When it comes time for the interview stage, AcuMax Index generates a list of relevant questions that are tied in with the person’s profile. These customized questions allow you to find out what motivates the person as well as how they best communicate, make decisions, and exchange information, while providing insight into what environment they work best in.

By using these very specific questions, the interviewer is able to tap into a person’s true passions, hidden strengths and honest perspectives. There’s even a way to set up an employee profile in the system to show only candidates who have the specific AI profiles you desire when screening for certain positions. How’s that for proactive and efficient?

We all know how busy our fellow HR professionals, Talent teams, recruiters and managers are. The good news is that AI has created a way to cut right to the chase when it comes to hiring top talent; it gets to the heart of what you need to know in less time, while spending less money. What a great investment! Speaking of investments and assessments, you may want to consider taking our free online talent management assessment for a snapshot of how your organization is doing when it comes to overall talent management strategy.

But back to AcuMax ... I can personally attest to the fact that AcuMax Index is a powerful and effective tool that has incredibly shaped our organization in becoming more informed and efficient when hiring, developing and keeping our talent, and in day-to-day interactions between team members. It has given us the ability to hone in on what makes people tick, how they work best and what their working style is. AcuMax Index has helped us enhance our culture, deepen employee engagement, expand learning and development, and improve retention.

EDSI’s experience was so powerful that we are now in partnership with AcuMax Index as a licensed distributor. We are thrilled to be able to share this valuable tool with others to start affecting positive change in the hiring industry. Being at the helm of this groundbreaking opportunity has made such a positive impact on our company and employees.

Here is an example of how we use AI not only as a pre-employment assessment, but as a method to extend throughout and beyond the hiring process:

When used as a pre-employment assessment at an early phase of the hiring process, there is a higher likelihood of success in finding an ideal fit between person-team-position-culture-company. Once an employee is on board, insight from the assessment helps spur discussion about a person’s working style and how they process and communicate information. As a result of this insight, appropriate learning and development opportunities can be matched to their wiring, skills and passions.

Last, let’s talk retention. Many people leave a company (usually between 1-3 years) because of the role that they’re in. As we all know, an employee can have the right experience and skills on paper and pull off a good interview, yet still fail at his or her job. The reason for job failure is often because the employee is not wired to succeed in that particular position. For more on talent retention, read this blog.

When used properly, AcuMax Index is the #1 tool to reduce employee turnover because it identifies and matches highly-motivated candidates with the perfect employment position. And who doesn’t want to create a team of invested, long-term employees?

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