eLearning and Self-Paced Training

eLearning refers to the use of electronic devices and the internet to access educational materials and courses remotely. This is an attractive option we offer clients who want to learn at their own pace, which allows your organization the flexibility to set your own learning schedule and progress through the material at your own speed. To meet the needs of diverse learners, we offer synchronous, asynchronous or blended learning opportunities.

Our robust technology and extensive training library allow courses to be facilitated via traditional classroom instruction or online, or a combination of both. By providing eLearning solutions, learners are able to receive full classroom content through the technology most accessible to them, in the time zone where they work. Many of our clients appreciate this flexible and convenient option, which can be instructor-led or self-paced.

As our mission statement suggests, we must strive to create enthusiasm in our clients, see through their eyes, understand their needs and deliver more than they expect. Our eLearning and self-paced training solutions allow us to really meet our clients where they are in their journey and provide tailored solutions which fit them best.

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