Compensation Analysis and Systems Development

Are your compensation levels and strategies in line with market trends and expectations?

It is more important than ever to ensure your compensation levels and systems are competitive. EDSI professionals can conduct full compensation analyses for one or more positions. Additionally, we can assess your compensation strategies and systems to ensure you attract, retain and motivate employees at all levels. At EDSI, we provide compensation consulting services to public sector entities such as cities, counties and states; nonprofit organizations; as well as privately held and publicly traded companies.

Why Partner with EDSI?

  • Because of our experience and resources, we can complete compensation analyses quickly and efficiently. Unlimited access to Payscale enables us to complete many analyses without ever having to create customized benchmarking studies.
  • We bring a full suite of organizational services and expertise to your organization.
  • Our professionals see the big picture within your entire talent ecosystem. This enables us to provide better data, recommendations and implementation support.
  • Our NPS-based customer service scores average 72. This is considered world-class. Our customers appreciate our effectiveness, professionalism, and overall service levels.

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Why is Compensation Management Important?

Top performing companies conduct a full compensation review annually. Regularly evaluating compensation to determine the effectiveness of your compensation program using metrics such as employee and manager feedback, voluntary employee exit surveys and the cost of compensation in relation to company profitability is critical to your business.

  • The War for Talent is intense, and it is getting even more competitive. In the USA, there are 9.3MM unfilled jobs. There are simply more jobs than there are workers.
  • Changing jobs for better compensation has become a top cause of turnover.
  • Since 2020, national turnover rates have been significantly higher than historic averages.
  • Organizations need to have an effective employee attraction and retention plan. Part of this plan needs to include an effective compensation strategy, coupled with competitive compensation pay rates.

Compensation Analysis and System Development Highlights

  • Compensation Benchmarking:
    1. Via our full access to Payscale, the largest compensation database in the world
    2. Via other compensation benchmark studies by employee groups or industry associations
    3. Via customized benchmarking studies with carefully selected comparator organizations
  • Benefits Benchmarking
  • Compensation Strategy Assessment and Development
  • Classification Assessments, Development, and Systems
  • Compensation Process and System Recommendations and Implementation
  • Financial Modeling and Compensation Testing
  • Pay Equity Analyses

Additional, Value-added Organizational Services:

  • Career Path Development:
    1. Career ladders
    2. Career lattices
  • Job Description Development or Updates
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Organizational Design
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Cultural Transformation Design and Implementation
  • Customized Training Development and Delivery
  • Succession Planning

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Job candidates today have access to more information than ever before and they expect to be paid fairly for their knowledge, skills and experience. Compensation doesn't have to feel complicated – let us help. We'll listen to your needs and help you find your solution.