Workforce Skill Gap Analysis

EDSI's skill gap analysis and skills inventory services provide organizations with a clear picture of the specific skills their workforce possesses at the individual, departmental and organizational levels.

Combining a process of interviews, job analysis and surveying, this information provides a solid foundation and starting point to build:

  • Individual and organizational training plans
  • Organizational training budgets
  • Career pathways
  • Succession plans
  • Knowledge management plans
  • Risk mitigation plans

Successful implementation of these services typically results in improved use of training funds, employee morale, employee retention and business performance.

Looking for a data-driven approach to drive your talent management initiatives?

Wondering which initiative in your laundry list should hold the top priority position?

Let us help by developing your organization's Skills Balance Sheet - giving you a 360 degree view of the skills, responsibilities and tasks performed within your company - information you need to make better, faster, smarter decisions and build a better workforce.

Chances are, you have heard of a financial "Balance Sheet." A financial balance sheet summarizes an organization's assets, equity and liabilities at a specific point in time; a balance sheet is often described as a "snapshot of a company's financial condition." We know this information is very important, AND we know that spending time analyzing the skills, responsibilities and tasks performed within your company is the key to ensuring continued success!

At EDSI, our process for assessing employee skills leverages the Skilldex® system, developed from over 30 years of experience in workforce development and customized training. We get everybody speaking the same language by developing task-based job profiles with subject matter experts and evaluating employees against specific skills, responsibilities and tasks. We identify training and development needs of current employees within an organization, helping both individuals and organizations reach their full potentials.

EDSI's Approach

Our approach is to accurately compare incumbent employee knowledge, skills and abilities to those required for optimum performance within the organization. The skills analysis process utilizes four steps:

Organizational Analysis: Focusing on identifying the current "state of practice" as it relates to training, human resources and occupational structure

Job Task Analysis: Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create detailed job task lists and thoroughly understand the job, the knowledge and skills required to be successful in that role

Workforce Skill Survey: Distributing task-based surveys to employees to measure current competencies and skill levels

Skill Gap Analysis: Identifying current workforce strengths and gaps, and prioritizing strategies to close skill gaps and build a better workforce

Benefits and Outcomes, Just to Name a Few.....

  • Organization-wide or department-wide Skills Balance Sheet
  • Identification of most critical workforce initiatives
  • Optimization of company-wide skills
  • Identification of training priorities and knowledge transfer priorities
  • Customized curriculum and training program development
  • Job matching based on identified Skills, Responsibilities and Tasks
  • Transferable skills identification
  • Job competency and benchmarking
  • Knowledge loss risk assessments for "soon-to-retire" employees
  • Development of career pathways
  • Skill attainment and growth tracking
  • Objective on-the-job assessments
  • Individualized training plans
  • Job advancement roadmaps
  • Better training; greater job satisfaction
  • Revamped hiring process
  • Succession Planning
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