Digital Youth Experience

EDSI offers an outstanding digital work experience curriculum and platform which provides relevant, timely, and impactful solutions for your digital work experience program.

EDSI has worked with many workforce development boards and workforce agencies to create a customized digital work experience program.

With a proven track record of creating highly interactive curriculum that engages youth participants, our online curriculum and LMS will allow you to track participant progress and be sure participants are receiving the individualized attention they need.

Offering more than the stock one to two-hour webinar, our digital curriculum engages youth through group projects, independent work, live instruction, work experience and a capstone project that teach employability and job readiness skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Additionally, our partnerships with national and local employers ensures that participants have the ability to learn from industry leading experts!

Curriculum Highlights

  • Group Projects​
  • Independent Work​
  • Capstone Project​
  • Live instruction​
  • Work Experience with employer

Industries Covered

  • IT​
  • Customer Service​
  • Construction​
  • Manufacturing​
  • Healthcare

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