DOL Designates EDSI as Apprenticeship Ambassador

DOL Designates EDSI as Apprenticeship Ambassador

Dearborn, MI– June 27, 2023— EDSI has been selected as an Apprenticeship Ambassador by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in recognition of the company's commitment to consulting employers on creating and executing exemplary apprenticeship programs, which enable people representing diverse backgrounds and experiences to launch careers in high-priority occupations.

The DOL's Apprenticeship Ambassador designation recognizes EDSI’s role as a Registered Apprenticeship (RA) champion with a history of providing guidance and education to organizations across the U.S. on the development and implementation of RA programs. EDSI’s consulting division has advised on registration, curriculum, work process development, recruitment and selection practices, mentoring, and program management in an effort to share, diversify and expand opportunities around the country.

EDSI serves as an apprenticeship connector and provider of technical support through local workforce consulting contracts in states such as New York, Florida, and Michigan, as well as Pennsylvania, where we have the first dedicated Regional Apprenticeship Coordinator, Adina Tayar. She works directly with career seekers and employers both locally and nationally to help them understand and access apprenticeship opportunities.

For the past ten years, as a national workforce development training provider working with local regions to help get underserved populations back to work, we have helped numerous employers offer apprenticeship opportunities to career seekers focused on securing employment in high-priority occupations in fields such as IT, manufacturing, construction and professional services.

"Our organization is honored to be recognized as an Apprenticeship Ambassador by the U.S. DOL and we are working hard to fulfill the expectations involved with being an ambassador." said Adina Tayar, Regional Apprenticeship Coordinator. “Apprenticeship has the potential to greatly expand employers’ talent pipelines and attract the diverse talent needed to continue to innovate and impact the economic workforce landscape. In fulfillment of our ambassador duties, we aim to carry out the vision of a tiered awareness and educational approach about Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship, and all the benefits it can offer employers and career seekers.”

Through the program, EDSI is an Apprenticeship Ambassador for a two-year term and can reapply for continued membership. As part of the initiative, Tayar said EDSI will ramp up local outreach to businesses and employers; participate in DOL-hosted Apprenticeship Ambassador events; and diversify its targeted audience, recruiting interested women, minorities, veterans, youth and other underserved people across the country.

EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a workforce development and consulting company with a passion for helping people and companies in transition. For 44 years, EDSI has worked with state agencies, workforce development boards, community partners and employers to deliver innovative solutions that create a better workforce.

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