EDSI Dress Code

Discretion in style of dress and behavior are essential to the efficient operation of EDSI. Employees are required to dress for work in appropriate attire and to behave in a professional, business manner. Inappropriate casual clothing such as jeans, halter tops, shorts, t-shirts, mini skirts, sandals, tennis shoes and sneakers may not be worn by employees at any time while engaged in EDSI business.

In addition, employees are expected to adhere to acceptable grooming standards. This includes all employees maintaining their hair in a clean, combed and businesslike style (e.g.“punk” or other eccentric hairstyles are considered inappropriate as is the wearing of excessive makeup); and employees must take reasonable efforts to cover tattoos and remove or cover body piercings. Employees are also required to keep sideburns, mustaches and beards well-trimmed. Employees must use good judgement in their choice of work clothes and conduct themselves at all times in a way that best represents EDSI.

If an employee is involved in a business meeting in or out of the office, Business Professional Dress is expected unless the client has specifically requested otherwise.

Although clothing preferences differ by individual, as a representative of EDSI, each employee is expected to exercise good judgement and taste in selecting office attire that is business-like and is consistent with the employee’s presentation during the interview.

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