Employee Referrals

Announcing our new employee referral program!

We’re excited to share a new employee referral process, through our Applicant Tracking System. This system will create structure around the referral process which we’re hoping will allow us to connect with even more great people! Staff members will be asked to create an account when visiting the portal for the first time. Once the account is created, you will easily be able to send jobs to any potential referral through email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. With just a few clicks, you will be able to send the job posting to one person or many people at one time. Our pre-boarding team will be able to track all staff referrals: who is making the referral, how many are in the pipeline and where they are in the process.

Please watch the video and review the power point below for easy instructions on accessing the referral portal. The video takes you through the system showing you how to create an account and send positions to potential referrals. We’re happy to be able to provide staff with an updated referral process and look forward to continued great referrals from our wonderful team members!!

Thank you so much for your time and please reach out to Tara O'Brien with any questions!

Employee Referral Portal

How do I refer someone?

Click the link below to download step-by-step directions.