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Pottsville WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker and EARN Programs

Monday-Friday 8 am-4:30 pm

Contact Us
201-203 East Arch Street
Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901
570-622-5253 ext. 117

About Us
The Pottsville Employment, Advancement and Retention Network (EARN) Program started in July 2010. It serves the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) population of Schuylkill County with case management, job readiness, job placement and retention. In addition to these services, the program has become a subcontractor for the Welfare to Work grant which assists participants in getting to work and also delivers children to daycare. While the main goal of the program is to provide comprehensive activities and services to individuals who are currently receiving TANF (cash assistance), the focus of the program is to assist participants in becoming self-sufficient.

The Luzerne-Schuylkill County Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) serves unemployed and underemployed individuals who meet eligibility criteria. In addition to assessments, a variety of job readiness workshops are offered. The EDSI Business Services unit contributes to this team by providing extensive employer services to businesses throughout Schuylkill County. On-the-Job Training is a wage reimbursement program provided to employers hiring individuals referred by PA CareerLink®.

Services We Provide

  • EARN Program
    • Employment and training program designed to help participants increase their income so that they are able to support themselves and their families without the need of TANF
    • Offers additional resources throughout Schuylkill County as well as Special Allowances from the County Assistance Office
    • Helps assist our participants through all aspects of the program from enrollment, job placement and job retention. The EARN staff helps to resolve any issues that may arise throughout their time in the program
    • All participants receive the resources that are needed for their job search activities from resume writing, interview skills and job leads
    • The main goal of the EARN program is for participants of Schuylkill County to find employment within 180 days and retain employment for 20 hours or more per week for up to one year
  • WIOA Program
    • The goal of WIOA is to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, increase economic self-sufficiency, meet skills requirements of employers, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation
    • WIOA programs target three (3) specific audiences: Youth (ages 14-24); Adult (ages 18+); and, Dislocated Workers, individuals who have lost jobs due to plant closures, company downsizing, or some other significant change in market conditions
    • WIOA participants must be deemed eligible for services, as per federal and local policy
    • WIOA activities include, but are not limited to: workshops to improve job searching skills; specialized programs for youth; GED preparation classes for youth; subsidized work experiences; apprenticeship programs; occupational skills training in a classroom setting; on-the-job training; direct employment placement; and follow-up services that are provided upon exit from the program
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
    • OJT is a free WIOA program that offers qualified employers the opportunity to receive a 50% wage reimbursement on WIOA eligible hires
    • OJT reduces the cost of training new employees by paying employers 50 percent of a new trainee’s wages for up to 6 months or $5,000
    • EDSI WIOA staff screen potential hires for program eligibility, work with employers on developing a mutually agreed-upon training contract, handle most of the paperwork, and initiate a reimbursement schedule for monthly payments made directly to the business. (a signed OJT Contract must be in place by the trainee’s first day of work)
    • OJT can be used any time a business is hiring for full-time, regularly scheduled positions (at least 30 hrs/wk and $10/hr minimum)
    • Prior to initiating an OJT relationship, a Master Agreement must be signed by the employer. The Master Agreement outlines all the terms and conditions of the program as defined by the Grant Administrator, the L/S WIB, Inc.