Closing the Skills Gap with Skilldex®

Assessing the marketable skills of employees is critical in matching employees to new employment opportunities, as well as identifying training and other skill development needs. At EDSI, our process for assessing employee skills leverages our proprietary Skilldex system, developed from over 40 years of experience in workforce development and customized training.

Skilldex is a web-based system that surveys individual skills and identifies and catalogs the skill needs of employers - especially employers with a shortage of workers or a high demand for specific skills. We get everybody speaking the same language by developing task-based job profiles and evaluating applicants against specific skills, responsibilities and tasks. Skilldex matches employees or job seekers to employers, producing a job match report as well as a skills gap report identifying training and skill development needs.

Equally important, Skilldex helps to identify training and development needs of current employees within an organization, helping both individuals and organizations reach their full potentials.

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Job Seekers

  • Job matching based on objective language - Skills, Responsibilities and Tasks
  • Personal skills inventory
  • Identification of transferrable skills
  • Individual training and education planning
  • Career planning and mapping


  • Job Matching based on identified Skills, Responsibilities and Tasks
  • Expedited recruit-to-hire processes
  • Individualized training plans for new hires
  • Transferable skills identification
  • Knowledge loss risk assessments for “soon-to-retire” employees
  • Identification of training priorities and knowledge transfer priorities
  • Customized curriculum and training program development
  • Measurement of skill attainment and growth
  • Job competency and benchmarking
  • Development of career pathways

Current Employees

  • Personal skills inventory
  • Job matching for internal postings
  • Skill attainment and growth tracking
  • Objective on-the-job assessments
  • Personalized training plans
  • Job advancement roadmaps
  • Better training; greater job satisfaction

Government Agencies

  • Regional skills assessments and analysis
  • Development of regional training strategies
  • Job matching for dislocated and unemployed workers
  • Transferable skills identification

Education & Training Providers

  • Identification of regional and industry specific skill needs
  • Development of regional training strategies
  • Curriculum and training development and validation
  • Measurement of curriculum and training effectiveness – pre- and post-training assessments
  • Streamlined process for program implementation