Candidate Assessments

Most organizations agree that their people are their most important asset.

We agree, and we want to ensure that you find and hire candidates that are a great fit. We work with our client companies to incorporate job-specific assessments, cultural fit assessments and/or behavioral/natural wiring assessments to efficiently and effectively assess potential candidates.

EDSI's Skilldex® technology is particularly well-suited for assessing large numbers of candidates in a very short amount of time and measures candidates against pre-established competency levels for role-specific knowledge, responsibilities and tasks.

Technological innovation over the past decade has had a profound impact on recruiting strategies. With staffing professionals increasingly using social networking sites to source, contact and screen both active and passive job candidates, companies can benefit from taking a closer look at their talent processes. Specifically, by utilizing new technology and improved techniques, an organization’s screening and evaluation processes can be greatly improved to minimize hiring time and hone in on the best candidates.

From sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems to online recruiting via social media, there are a variety of new tools – many of them virtual – that companies can use to pair with more traditional ones like prescreening and assessments.

Reach out today to learn more about candidate assessments and all the new innovative talent tools that we can help you integrate into your hiring efforts.