Compensation Analyses

Are your compensation levels and strategies in line with market trends and expectations?

A strong compensation philosophy is built based on an organization's mission, core business, operating strategies and competitive outlook. Paying well means you can attract better talent and keep them employed at your company longer.

When planning for 2019, 78 percent and 73 percent of organizations, respectively, put retention and attraction at the top of their list of concerns—up significantly from 68 percent and 63 percent respectively since 2017 according to SHRM.

Top performing companies conduct a full compensation review annually. Regularly evaluating compensation to determine the effectiveness of your compensation program using metrics such as employee and manager feedback, voluntary employee exit surveys and the cost of compensation in relation to company profitability is critical to your business.

Job candidates today have access to more information than ever before and they expect to be paid fairly for their knowledge, skills and experience. Compensation doesn't have to feel complicated – let us help.

Our compensation analyses are designed to help companies understand where they rank relative to the talent marketplace. We help our clients create effective compensation strategies to improve employee attraction, retention and corporate performance.

A one-size-fits-all compensation strategy does not work in today’s competitive marketplace!

Contact us today for help re-building or revising your existing compensation structure to meet the changing needs of your company and the talent landscape.