Corporate Universities

Corporate Universities standardize training and career pathways in a company. These programs are a tangible investment in talent where lessons align with company and employee goals.

Corporate Universities help reinforce the company’s aspirational culture and employer brand, thus improving candidate attraction and employee retention. Turnover is greatly reduced and opportunities are opened up when you allow people to explore career paths and learn essential skills needed for success in multiple positions throughout the organization.

EDSI can provide turnkey corporate university programs, assist with the development or management of a corporate university, or simply provide expertise as your team develops its own corporate university.

Process highlights include:

  • Identify training resources required
  • Identify curriculum required
  • Develop necessary curriculum and course materials
  • Train internal trainers to be effective teachers
  • Locate and coordinate external training resources
  • Build training assessment processes to ensure trainings are effective
  • Create management systems to manage the entire corporate university function

When it comes to training, many successful companies see Corporate Universities as the primary vehicle for staff development. Beyond training, Corporate Universities can be a prime vector for networking and teambuilding, the type of experiences that create a cohesive corporate culture.

For more information on aligning training with company vision, read this informative blog by one of our consulting experts.

In working with EDSI, companies can expect a strong Corporate University program to include the following goals:

  • Bring structure to internal training efforts
  • Create a wider talent pool
  • Improve recruitment
  • Reduce turnover
  • Offer better employee advancement

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