Job Matching - Powered by Skilldex®

Inundated with resumes? Having trouble finding and hiring the right employees? Worried about replacing the knowledge and skills of your retiring workforce?

Let us put our web-based Skilldex® system to work for you. We get everybody speaking the same language by developing task-based job profiles and evaluating applicants against specific skills, responsibilities and tasks.

Skilldex® matches current employees or jobseekers to open positions, producing a job match report as well as a skill gap report identifying training and skill development needs.

Highlighted Employer Benefits

  • Job matching based on identified skills, responsibilities and tasks
  • Expedited recruit-to-hire processes
  • Individualized training plans for new hires
  • Transferable skills identification
  • Knowledge loss risk assessments for "soon-to-retire" employees
  • Identification of training priorities and knowledge transfer priorities
  • Customized curriculum and training program development
  • Measurement of skill attainment and growth
  • Job competency and benchmarking
  • Development of career pathways

Finally, a Process that Works...

1) Identify Position / Job Opening

2) Conduct Job Task Analysis and Create Task-based Job Profile

3) Develop and Post Online Skills Survey

4) Review Applicant Data to Determine Best Candidates

5) Complete Interviews and Finalize Hiring

6) Implement Individualized Training Plans to Close Skill Gaps

Ready to explore how you can use the steps above to recruit and hire the right employees while saving crucial institutional knowledge from your retiring workforce?

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