Multi-Generational Programs

Multi-Generational programs (also called the 2Gen approach) address the needs of both children and parents, with the ultimate goal of creating self-sustaining opportunities and better outcomes for the whole family unit. Multi-Generational programs have been applauded and proven to be a holistic way to end the cycle of poverty, which is why EDSI is so committed to offering this program to as many families in as many regions as possible.

Is your region looking for a successful and innovative program designed to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty?

Multi-Gen programs excel at addressing the needs of both parents and children, with the goal of creating opportunities that lead to family-sustaining wages and a strengthened family unit.

This research-driven model has proven successful with some of the most difficult-to-serve populations. According to the Urban Institute, “Investments in multi-generational models could significantly reduce or even eliminate the investment required to support third and subsequent generations.”

How does it work? What do participants walk away with when the program is done?

Multi-Gen programming brings parents and their children together for job readiness, academic instruction and family mealtime. We have specific goals we are committed to helping adults, children and families walk away with:

Adults: Improve job readiness skills and employability through an employer-driven curriculum geared toward high-priority occupations. Successful completion of the program often leads to recognized credentials and certifications, and job placement often follows.

Children: Strengthen education and behavior through age-appropriate, activity-based learning and support.

Families: Develop and practice positive communication, parenting and life skills.

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Success Spotlights

Program Spotlight: Chester, PA

Multi-Gen has proven instrumental in helping people enter or re-enter the Pennsylvania workforce. In the first two years of programming, 42 people secured full-time employment, and participant employment placement rate was 85%.

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Kanisha's Journey

Kinisha, as well as her three sons (ages 9, 9, and 15), attended the multi-generational program. Kanisha is currently employed as a life skills associate and is finishing a CDA course.

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Jalima's Journey

Jalima and her son, age 9, enrolled in the multi-generational program so she could enhance her customer service skills and gain employment at her dream job.

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Additional Positive Outcomes

Additional positive outcomes of Multi-Gen programs for parents include reduced stress, stronger educational and employment skills, and more confidence in their role as their child’s first teacher.

The children participating in the program receive fantastic support, not just with their schoolwork, but also with developing social skills and emotional intelligence, often working with a licensed social workers.

Activities such as family dinners have proven to lessen family stress, build children’s social and communication skills, encourage family dialogue, and introduce children to new food experiences.

In a recent cohort, EDSI experienced a greater than 95% attendance rate for adult and school-aged participants.

Lights, Camera, Action

Luzerne County Multi-Gen Program
Delaware County Multi-Gen Program (Extended)
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Feedback from Clients and Stakeholders

The EDSI Multi-Gen program is unlike any other training program we have offered in our TANF program. It provides outcomes in performance metrics and increases rapport, engagement, and family relationships. Participants learn valuable, in-demand skills that help with job placement. The real value, however, is the impact that this program has on the whole family. Participants thrive under the staff support and peer networking. It has truly been life changing for their families!

Megan Bair - Operations Manager at Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.

The teacher of the program is amazing. I’ve been doing customer service all my life and still learned a lot. My daughter looked forward to the tutoring sessions and was interested in learning. Another participant and I are still friends and our daughters have also remained friends. I obtained a job in customer service one week after graduating from the program, making over $18 per hour. The employer was impressed with the training so it helped me get hired over several other applicants.

Program Participant

I have been part of the Multi-Gen program as a teacher since January 2019. It has been an honor to work alongside the EDSI staff, other teachers, social workers, and supervisors throughout this journey. The collaboration and teamwork is so inspiring! Even during the pandemic, unexpected weather, and other obstacles, the team always worked together and found a way to do what was best for the families and children.

Chrissy Murin - EDSI

The families and children have been so incredible to work with. They have trusted us with their children which allowed them to dedicate time to themselves to invest back into their family. Remote learning presented a new layer of allowing us into their home. The students were champs on zoom! Although each cohort is only eight weeks, it always feels like we have known them for so much longer at the end. I am so proud to be part of team EDSI!

Hillary Soring - EDSI

It gave me more experience and confidence in going back out and getting a great job to support my family.

Program Participant

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