Non-Custodial Parent Programs

Populations Served: Non-Custodial Parents

We’ve worked with the non-custodial parent (NCP) population since 1999. We designed the original non-custodial parent program in Pennsylvania and began our association with the Philadelphia Family Court in 2004. We also operate successful non-custodial parent programs in Pittsburgh and Delaware County, PA.

We help participants gain permanent, sustainable, unsubsidized employment. This leads to an increase in child support payments, a decrease in arrearages, and greater participation in their children’s lives. Re-unification between parents and children begins with financial stability.

Most of our current NCP participants have criminal backgrounds. Our Job Developers work closely with “second chance” employers who agree to work with ex-offenders.

Our NCP employment programs eliminate barriers between the client and employment

  • Job Readiness Classes that teach skills assessment, resume writing, the application process, conflict resolution and interviewing techniques
  • Job Search Assistance that helps clients to use the internet for computer-based job searches and fill out online job applications
  • Job Placement Assistance helps clients achieve their earnings potential, thereby allowing them to pay child support and pay down arrearages
  • Job Retention Assistance provides clients with case management services

Our award-winning video “Stepping Up to Fatherhood” highlights EDSI’s successful Pennsylvania NCP Placement and Retention Program.

Giving Fatherhood a Chance

Learn more about EDSI’s non-custodial parent programs. Learn how we support clients in transition to provide for themselves as well as their children.