Non-Profit Solutions

We help service-based, non-profits achieve their goals in assisting those in need. Through our services, non-profits are able to secure necessary funding, hire the right people, manage their finances and install best practice business tools.

EDSI aims to relieve our customers of the burdensome and time-consuming requirements of running all aspects of their non-profit organization. We have the experience and expertise to fully manage grant writing, HR solutions and financial responsibilities. Focus on what you do best - helping people - and we'll partner together to help your organization grow and prosper. EDSI has over 38 years of experience in soliciting RFPs, managing grant funding and hiring/training qualified individuals with a passion for helping those in need.

Grant Writing

  • Funding Acquisition
  • Subject Matter Expert Writers
  • Guided Process from Creation to Submission


  • Full-Service Recruitment
  • Job Description Development
  • Customized Training Development


  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Reporting