Rapid Response

Populations Served: Dislocated Workers

Rapid Response is a proactive, reemployment service provided to businesses and their employees upon notification of a substantial layoff or permanent closure of a facility. As part of a Rapid Response team, EDSI works with employers and employee representatives to:

  • Assess the transferable skills of employees through our proprietary Skilldex system
  • Connect displaced workers to employment opportunities in their communities or within an industry
  • Provide flexible, customized services onsite to minimize disruptions associated with job loss
  • Identify training resources to enable workers to upgrade their skills and qualify for new jobs

EDSI designed the National Demonstration Project for Dislocated Workers in the 1980s, and in the years following, became involved in multiple Dislocated Worker and Rapid Response programs. We have worked with numerous companies in the manufacturing, packaging and aerospace industries and with government entities, in each case, placing high percentages of workers in new jobs.