Turnover Remediation

Are high turnover rates negatively impacting your business performance?

Is your company facing high employee turnover rates? It’s both fiscally and physical draining to have to continually recruit and train new employees. This cycle of loss often starts with lack of clarity on vision and values as well as the lack of application to the hiring process. Many organizations recruit candidates that have good skills but are not good value or cultural fits. Aligning culture and vision with your talent management strategy is key.

EDSI's turnover remediation services are designed to quickly minimize unwanted employee turnover and get your business back on track. Whether you are experiencing high turnover across the organization or within a specific job group or department, our experts focus on identifying the root causes of unwanted turnover and work with your team to fix the underlying issues.

According to the Center for American Progress (CAP), turnover is highly costly for companies. Following are CAP's findings:

  • Turnover costs for salaries of <$30,000 = 16% ($4,800 @ $30k)
  • Turnover costs for salaries between $30,000 - $50,000 = 25.5% ($12,750 @ $50k)
  • Turnover costs for executive positions = Up to 213%

Companies must invest in formulating a turnover remedy in order to make employees less likely to quit. If your company is experiencing high turnover, there are four main elements of turnover remediation.

  1. More targeted recruiting
  2. Comprehensive onboarding
  3. Ongoing training and learning opportunities
  4. Continued manager development

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