Workforce Professional Development

EDSI offers customized, responsive, action-oriented training and technical assistance to local workforce programs around the country.

National workforce organizations observe that, even in a field where worker training is paramount, state and local Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) and workforce agencies often lack the capacity to train new and incumbent staff in the best methods of doing their jobs.

EDSI is here to help, with a proven menu of training offerings built toward giving staff the opportunity to apply what they learn through in-class practice and real-world application of the tools we teach. Offering more than the stock two-hour workshops provided by many high-cost national presenters; we build a customized curriculum that focuses on strengthening your team and guiding them to actively employ training content to analyze situations, evaluate options and create new and unique solutions to address your professional challenges and situations.

Service Highlights

  • One-day to five-day training courses delivered onsite at your One Stops or other locations
  • Customized content to train your workforce on your services, systems, policies, procedures and methods
  • Action-oriented curriculum with between-session assignments focused on implementing new learning in employees' jobs and reflecting on impact to ensure training is effective
  • Follow-up webinars to ensure retention of training content
  • Train-the-Trainer

Topics Include:

  • Case Management and using a Strengths-Based Approach
  • Serving Difficult Clients/Populations
  • Assessments
  • Career Counseling and Career Planning
  • Job Development/Placement and Business Services
  • Sector-Driven/Industry-Cluster Models
  • Effective Communication
  • Project Management and Goal Setting
  • Counseling Theories and Skills
  • Case Notes and Recordkeeping
  • Performance Management

A Process That Works

Identify: Identify your specific training needs by working with your leadership team and staff

Incorporate: Incorporate your local or state policies and procedures into a customized curriculum designed specifically to address your needs and reinforce your policies

Deliver: Deliver the training with only highly-experienced trainers, many of whom are industry veterans

We bring you a unique combination of people, process and perspective based on decades of experience to design a customized program for each specific need. We will provide a responsive curriculum to help ensure that your staff receives exactly the training they need most. Working with EDSI ensures that your time and resources are best utilized and that all staff members - whether they are site managers, business service staff/job developers, career coaches or case managers - complete our curricula with significantly improved skills.

EDSI's case management and career counselor trainings were more than we could have hoped for. Delivered in an active, energetic fashion, the trainings demanded more of our staff than any previous training – This wasn't just a set of lectures, but a dynamic process that required staff to prove mastery of challenging subject matter. EDSI worked closely with our leadership team to design and customize the curriculum to our needs, providing excellent content and superb delivery of multi-day trainings for over 900 staff of our WorkOne System.

Marie Mackintosh, Director of Education and Training - Indiana Department of Workforce Development