Innovating Your Customer Experience

Will Owen - Regional Director of Operations ·

Following our mission statement to see through the eyes of our customer, we here at EDSI continue to explore unique ways to innovate our customer experiences. Whether it’s delivering technology through our services or the advanced talent data that we can supply, we continue to strive to be a leader in innovation.

While reading the book Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, I became impressed with a concept that was presented. It focused on the idea that many organizations spend too much time discussing their business and operational processes for service delivery and not enough time on the customer experience while the service is occurring.

Reading and reflecting on this concept brought forth three main questions:

  1. How are we innovating the user experience our customers have during our services?
  2. How can we share this concept with our customers and partners to assist them with growing their business?
  3. How do we continue to ensure that customer experience is always the main focus of our work?

Question three is one that I feel we do better than most. Whether it’s for our jobseekers or employers that we service, we consistently aim to improve their experience. Our teams provide support as active listeners and continuously strive to serve. One area that we are currently active in is innovating the way in which we deliver our services. Methods of service delivery are actively being digitized and EDSI is excited to be a leader in this space.

A simplified example of this delivery update is taking our traditional training curriculum, which is typically produced in a handout format, and moving it to a complete digital platform. This transformation allows our end users to have a new way to experience the same industry-leading curriculum in a faster and more convenient way. We also anticipate being able to continue researching and deploying better, smarter and faster solutions for our customers through innovation. These improvements should yield improved ROI and enhanced customer outcomes.

We approach innovation in our customer experience as a continuous improvement process. We are always testing new concepts and view the feedback from our customers as the best gauge on whether our innovative efforts will be successful in the marketplace. Maintaining our mission to see through the eyes of our customers will continue to allow us to be in a position to drive advanced customer experiences through continuous innovation.