Building Your Talent Pipeline - Workplace Flexibility

Jim Bitterle - Consulting Managing Partner ·

In a 2015 study by Workplace trends, 75% of employees ranked workplace flexibility as their top benefit. In fact, workplace flexibility is more important to employees than employers think.

Of course, most employers need validation that these programs will have a positive impact on worker productivity before taking the next step.

We have good news! An increasing amount of studies are finding the link between flexible work programs and increased employee productivity. And that’s not the only benefit!

With an increasing number of employers offering such benefits, workplace flexibility programs are no longer considered such a luxury to employees. They’re becoming the norm! Regardless, your reputation and employer brand will see huge benefits.

Get ready to be amazed by the following stats on flexibility programs and their benefits:

Are employers really seeing benefits from their workplace flexibility programs?

  • Employee satisfaction improved 87%
  • Productivity improved 71%
  • Retention of talent improved 65%
  • Recruiting improved 54%

2015 Workplace Flexibility Study, Workplace Trends

Flexible working environment benefits:

  • Achieved more
  • Used fewer sick days
  • Worked longer hours
  • Were happier at work

N. Bloom, Stanford University 9 month study

Learn more about flexibility programs and which features are the best to include. Watch Jim Bitterle’s video here.

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