Career Sculpting - A Practical Tool to Build Your Talent Pipeline

Jim Bitterle - Consulting Managing Partner ·

What is Career Sculpting?

Career sculpting, also referred to as job sculpting, is an excellent way to engage your employees and retain your top talent. It is built on the simple premise that people excel at what they’re most interested in. Are your employees encouraged to spend time working on things they’re interested in? Are you even aware of what your employees are interested in doing?

Career Sculpting Benefits

EDSI's Jim Bitterle explains some benefits of career sculpting in a quick video.

Understanding what your employees are currently doing, and what they would like to spend more time doing are the first steps in developing a career sculping program. Armed with this key information, next steps are to build a path that will help them start to spend more time doing what they enjoy.

By implementing job sculpting programs at your organization, your employees will be more engaged in their work resulting in increased productivity and reduced errors.