Corporate Universities – Three Types of Training to Include

Jim Bitterle - Consulting Managing Partner ·

Corporate universities help bring structure to internal training efforts. They also assist in the effort of aligning the training arm of companies with the organizations’ strategy and vision. There are many different types of training which can be used as part of a corporate university.

Corporate University Strategy

Read about three different types of training to use as part of your corporate university strategy below, or watch this video.

Knowledge accelerators/training boot camps - This type of training model involves intense training for short periods of time. Career training boot camps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some range from days to months. Boot camps often attract recent college graduates looking for a foot in the door to great companies.

Apprenticeship programs - Many businesses aren’t aware that they can build their own internal apprenticeship training programs. They do not need to be certified by the DOL, and they can be specific to the training needs of your organization!

Functional and behavioral training classes - This type of training helps to reinforce your company culture, and ultimately your employer brand. What kind of employee behavior do you want your employees to model? This type of training can often be included in the onboarding process.

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