Courses to Careers Prepares Recent Graduates for Success!

Marica Tedder - Backpacks to Briefcases Coordinator ·

In this generation of millennials, almost everything can be accessed with the touch of a button. Technological advancements have made social media platforms, online job applications and communication via text or video chat the norm. Ways of communicating and searching for jobs have changed; however, one thing that remains the same is the challenge of securing employment after college graduation.

Courses to Careers (C2C) – formerly Backpacks to Briefcases – gives recent graduates an opportunity to explore necessary tools and resources for landing a career in their chosen field. Oftentimes, graduates enter into the C2C program with minimal knowledge of how to properly write a resume, respond to interview questions or how to create a personal brand. These are the areas where C2C bridges the gap.

The core of C2C encompasses the ability to assist young adults with gaining more confidence by creating personalized opportunities. C2C is an effective resource for committed participants. As the program expands, the mission is to always focus on helping them recognize how to maximize their true talents, reach their full potential and provide them with keys for long term success.

John, a former C2C participant, is a prime example of why the program is so unique. John graduated with a double major in Psychology and English. When he first enrolled in the C2C program, he was working 6 days a week at a food packaging plant, in less-than-ideal conditions. He wasn’t earning a high salary even though he was a college graduate. John was also faced with the challenge of commuting long distances because he was in the process of relocating. He really needed that “big break” and a chance to prove himself to a company who could pay him what he was worth.

John was devoted to the C2C program. He was extremely active in the career readiness workshops and career coaching sessions. He was a shining star at the networking event where he was given the opportunity to meet local employers. His time and dedication paid off when he accepted an internship with United Way of the Greater Triangle. His flame and passion was ignited when he began working with this amazing organization. The United Way recognized John’s exceptional performance and just as his internship was ending, they offered him a full- time position.

Currently, John is enjoying his new role with United Way as a Changing Generation’s Operation Assistant. Some of his duties include data collection, research and online account management in support of United Way’s annual campaign. He also created the LENSes (Leadership Equality for Nonprofits) project which collects demographic data on nonprofit leadership. His most recent project involves facilitation, maintenance and outreach for the Premium Help program which covers the cost of healthcare premiums to individuals in need. John credits the C2C program and United Way with helping him launch a career which allows him to positively impact people worldwide.

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