How ANY Company Can Build an Employer Brand - Three Easy Steps

Jim Bitterle - Consulting Managing Partner ·

Over the last five years, the term ‘employer brand’ has exploded in use.

Your employer brand is basically what your employees (consistently) answer back when you ask them what it’s like to work for your company. Is it good, bad, horrible, confusing? If they don’t have only great things to say, you need a better employer brand!

You, yes YOU, can build an employer brand. Just because you don’t make or sell innovative products doesn’t mean you’re excluded from being known as a great place to work. Read more below

Follow these easy steps and watch the video below to learn how to start crafting your employer brand:

  1. Define your desired employer brand - What do you want people to say about working for your company?
  2. Implement consistency of the message - Make sure that whatever it is you want employees to say about working for your company (see step 1), that each employee genuinely expresses that message, from recruitment through retirement. This is where some work comes in; you will need to take some action in order to ensure the message is truly consistent. It's called change management, people!
  3. Measure and modify - By using a talent dashboard, you can continuously monitor your employer brand. This is essential to ensure you are performing number 2 effectively!

Employer Branding

Learn more about building your employer brand and watch for more upcoming installments of our video blog.