How to Build Your Employer Brand and Why it’s Crucial to Your Business

Jim Bitterle - Consulting Managing Partner ·

Have you ever asked your employees, “What’s it like to work here?” For many of our clients, the answers seem to either reassure or surprise them. From a management perspective, this question offers meaningful insight into whether or not the company is living up to its brand image. What is brand image, you ask?

Brand image is how the brand is actually perceived by consumers; brand identity is the way a business wants consumers to perceive its brand. One thing is certain: Only those who have a clear and consistent employer brand will win the talent war.

When I say talent war, I’m talking about the very competitive job industry that exists today, not because there is a huge pool of candidates for employers to choose from – actually it’s the opposite – there are more openings than qualified candidates to fill them. Companies are scrambling to find candidates for positions and then there’s the challenge of retaining that employee once they are hired.

The upside of this scenario is that there is a great opportunity to build your workforce from a very organic level. But first you have to attract candidates to your company. The best way to do this is by creating a memorable and recognizable brand that connects with your intended audience on a consistent basis.

Whether you’re starting down the brand strategy path for the first time or simply reviewing your existing strategy to make sure it reflects the current goals and vision for your company, it will help to guide your thinking with some tangible questions:

Who are we?

Know your strengths in the marketplace. Define your customers and also your desired customers. Be aware of your competitors. Be clear on what problem your company solves.

What makes us unique?

Identifying your unique attributes in comparison to competitors is crucial: your product, what you value as a company, how you approach business functions, customer philosophy, etc.

How do we look to our audience and how is our communication?

Visualize what your brand looks like and create powerful visual imagery by documenting and communicating messaging built around the company’s culture, mission and goals. Remove or replace non-conforming messages and address issues through direct dialogue between leadership and employees.

How do we define success?

Have one-on-one conversations with employees to invite feedback and utilize surveys to gather data. Measure results and modify where necessary.

How can we continue to improve?

Keep talking with employees and tweaking policies and procedures to build the best employer brand possible.

Developing your employer brand is more than a marketing tactic. It’s a fundamental part of your Talent Management Strategy. It’s also the key to a unified company … and EDSI is here to help you every step of the way.

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