Three Principles for Developing Talent

Beth Seraydarian - Talent Development Specialist ·

Kevin Schnieders, CEO of EDSI, likes to say that EDSI puts people before profits. At other organizations, this saying may be a platitude. At EDSI, it is a fact. The Talent Team, comprised of HR, learning and development, and training, encourages EDSI representatives to connect their passions with their work. We have formal programs to connect individuals with learning and development opportunities, as well as a mission statement and values that keep us on track.

How do we show our commitment to EDSI representatives?

Hire People Who are Motivated by Your Mission

EDSI’s three-step interview process includes a culture fit interview. Regardless of position, it is important to us that our new hires understand and are motivated by EDSI’s mission: to create enthusiasm in our clients, see through their eyes, understand their needs and deliver more than they expect. New hires must exhibit EDSI’s daily ways and values of “show up, smile, and support.” Being passionate about helping others is also a must. By hiring people who seek to join a mission-driven organization, we are selecting representatives who we think will work hard to support their coworkers and encourage learning.

Understand People’s Strengths

Our goal is to understand each EDSI representative’s strengths, skills and future goals. Oftentimes, a person’s passion is not completely fulfilled by one job description. And that’s ok. Our goal is to give people opportunities to connect and build relationships across roles, projects and regions. By matching individual strengths with future opportunities outside of their day-to-day routines, our employees will be empowered, motivated and excited to continue working on new projects.

Choose to Invest in People

We see our investment in our people as a win-win: people are engaged at work, provide greater customer service to our clients and to each other, and ultimately help EDSI continue to be an award-winning organization. Understanding our talent, including the skills and strengths that everyone has, helps us quickly staff offices, match people with opportunities, and connect people to projects they want to work on. It also helps us promote from within the organization as new leadership opportunities arise. Continuing to invest in our people is what’s best for the blocks – a saying which references the blocks in our EDSI logo and guides our thinking when making decisions.

Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more insight into our approach to developing talent at EDSI!